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David "Biff" Begbie '94 and Joshua Begbie '96 - Bob Christian Alumnus / Alumna of the year award recipient 2008/2009

We are in constant amazement that our lives can be used to serve. In all honesty, never in a million years, would either Josh or I have imagined we’d be doing the jobs we are doing now. David (known as “Biff” during my HKIS days), a noisy dude who enjoyed drama, accents, cultures, and public speaking; Josh, a ‘thinking man’ with a knack for math, science, and systems thinking – both of us wanted to use our skills to help people, but neither of us really knew how.

Looking back over the last few years, however, Josh, with his partiality to anything in a spread sheet, continues to harness this into transforming communities through good business. He works full-time with Crossroads’ efforts to practice and share about fair trade, and also helps the boards of various Asian Fair Trade bodies. Recently joining him on this extraordinary life journey is his lovely wife, Emma, a pediatric speech therapist whom Josh married in April 2012, and their decidedly small, but cute, puppy Dudley.

“Biff”, on the other hand, is still continuing to use his random skill-set (if such is indeed the correct term for what he has!), overseeing sets designs, training, and facilitation of the experiential simulations which immerse companies, schools and individuals into the plights faced by those in need. For him, the greatest joy of now having seen almost 100,000 participants go through these programs is watching participants engage with issues they may never have dreamt of exploring before. David is accompanied by his stunning wife, Liz, who also serves on the full time team at Crossroads, and their two small, studly little boys: Callum (3) and Conway (1).

Life continues to roll, but both Josh and I remain grateful, that in the midst of it all, our lives can offer a little respite to a world in need. We had thought that, to serve, we had to become like Mother Theresa. Wonderfully, though, we are learning that her principles can be outworked in a business suit, theatrical costumes, and in a thousand other ways when hearts are willing.

“We can do no great deeds, only small deeds with great love.” – Mother Theresa

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Source:  DragonTales Winter 2012 / 2013