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Leontine Chuang '93 - Bob Christian Alumnus / Alumna of the year award recipient 2010/2011

Hi to all HKIS alums, especially those from the Class of 1993!   As many of you already know, I work at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  Though I have worked at UNHCR since October 2005, it was only last November that I took up the post I have now as Resettlement Officer.  In this role, I help recognized refugees apply to third countries for resettlement as the Hong Kong Government does not allow refugees to stay in Hong Kong on a permanent basis.  It has taken me close to one year to see some of my work come to fruition as some of the refugee I have come to know well have finally started to depart for their resettlement countries in the past few months after a long application process.  Every time someone leaves, it reminds me why I do the job that I do - to give someone the chance of a new life far away from fear and persecution.  As a working mother, I often find it very hard to leave my kids, Aidan (3.5) and Simone (2) to their nannies and grandmother all day.  But I do realize that I am so lucky to find such an amazing job where I am really making a difference.  It makes it hard to let it all go to become a stay at home mom.  To balance my life a little bit more, starting in November 2012, I will cut back my hours at work so that I will be able to spend three afternoons a week at home with my kids.  Given that my older one is now old enough to constantly ask me why I can't pick him up from school or take him to his after school activities as I have to go to work, I think that these afternoons off from work will be important so that I can spend more time with both of them.  I hope that everyone is doing well and I look forward to reading updates on other people in this edition of DragonTales!

For more info about Leontine Chuang, go visit 'Awards and Recognition>Bob Christian Alumnus/ Alumna of the Year award> 2011 recipient' or click here.

Source:  DragonTales Winter 2012 / 2013