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HKIS Grad Goes 'Nuts' - Jason Ing '99
By Sonya Xu

Ever wonder what unusual ventures HKIS graduates embark upon? Some take more traditional paths, others more uncharted. How about a graduate who has delved into the world of coconuts? Jason Ing, HKIS ‘99, with his father, entrepreneur Alex Ing, and two friends have started a coconut water company called Jax Coco, and Jason believes his time at HKIS has prepared him well for the ups and downs of the start-up world.


Jason was born and raised in Canada until the age of 13, when his father relocated back to Hong Kong for work. Jason started 9th grade at HKIS adapting to the international and third-culture atmosphere. Though many friends moved away during his high school years, he learned to embrace the sometimes transitory environment and view it in a positive light as it taught him to make the most of the present and value the time he had with teachers and friends.

Eventually his father started his own business, as did his mother, and he cut his teeth helping with the different family businesses, ranging from renewable energies to cosmetics. After attending the University of Toronto’s Trinity College where he studied English, Psychology and Cinema Studies, Jason went to Beijing for a year to solidify his Mandarin skills, knowing that China would be a big part of his business future.

About a year ago, Jason and his father met a couple, Max and Jane Gottschalk, who had recently moved to Hong Kong. At dinner, the talk shifted to their shared love for coconut water. They wondered why there wasn’t a homegrown coconut drink company in Hong Kong, despite the proliferation of coconuts in the region. Their chemistry clicked and the four decided to start their own coconut water company, called Jax Coco. The Jax name comes from a compilation of the founders’ names: Jane, Jason, Alex, and Max. The team envisions their coconut water becoming a prevalent part of people’s lives – as prosaic as drinking regular water – but with additional health benefits. Seeking to produce a product that could reach different sectors of the market, the Jax team decided to bottle the water in stylish glass bottles, in addition to the widely used tetrapaks for easy travel.


Jax Coco aims to become a renowned lifestyle brand in Asia and worldwide. Jason loved his time at HKIS and appreciates the wonderful teachers and friends he had at school. Learning how to learn, how to ask questions, and how to work as a team has played a critical role in his development as a person and professional. “HKIS really encourages individual growth with a focus on tolerance, community, and appreciating one’s journey,” said Jason. Dragon Tales wishes Jason all the best in his ventures. And if you are curious about what he does in his spare time, he still plays the drums with an HKIS faculty jazz band, so look out for him at school events! Jax Coco will be holding a charity hike event around Tai Tam Country Park and the HKIS field on February 17, 2013, so join in with your energy and thirst!

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For more details about Jax Coco and the charity hike, visit www.jaxcoco.com

Source:  DragonTales Winter 2012 / 2013