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Bob and Arleen Christian
First Head of School
Years at HKIS: 1966 – 1977


Arlene and Bob Christian

Getting into our mid-’80s, we’re doing OK, busy at our church and with lots of other things that keep popping up in “retirement”, whatever that is.

We’re especially blessed in that our five families live in the Northwest U.S., within 250 miles of us, so we see each other frequently, along with keeping the phone lines open. Of the 22 of us, including nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild, all but three who are away at college, were together at Thanksgiving at Lois and Jim Erickson’s in Eatonville, Washington, in the shadow of beautiful Mount Rainier.

Food? ... The tables were sagging.

Of the five families, eight of the parents are in health related professions, two nurses, two medical doctors, a hospital consultant, the CEO of a statewide Community Mental Health Council which services mental health agencies, and two professional artists who use their backgrounds at a publishing company which publishes medical newsletters across the country.

Additionally, there’s a ceramic artist and a salesman who also is a BBQ champion ... so there’s no excuse for Arleen and me not being healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

We wish the very best to HKIS alumni, students and their families, staff, new head of the school Kevin Dunning and his wife, and the Alumni of the Year Award winners who are using their backgrounds and abilities in such special ways to serve others.

God be with you all ... Peace and blessings.

Email: abchris2@comcast.net

Source:  DragonTales Winter/Spring 2012

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