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Mrs. Sandra Walters

Birthday: September 1
Years at HKIS: January 1970 – 1974
What did you teach: French, I was Head of the Foreign Language Department when teaching full time
Current location: Hong Kong

Sandra in front of the main reception desk at the Four Seasons
Hotel, Hong Kong, one of her major projects, completed in 2005.
The painting is by Jean Miotte, the first French artist to go
to China following the Cultural Revolution.


What did you do after HKIS?
Stayed in Hong Kong and started an art business, Arts Promotion, in 1973. Later owned two art galleries, Alisan Fine Arts and Mandarin Oriental Fine Arts and am now still working as an art consultant. Also enjoying my six grandchildren!

What are your fondest memories of Hong Kong?
I’m still here, and continue to enjoy life in a dynamic city with an international flavor.

What are your fondest memories of HKIS?
The interaction with the multi-cultural student body, the support we received from Mr. Bob Christian and Mr. Earl Westrick. The welcoming spirit of the school and viewing each student as a unique individual. The comprehensive approach to school.

What is the one thing you learned during your time at HKIS that you still make use of today?
I take an ‘educational’ approach to art, informing audiences and clients about artists and their artwork, thus using the teaching skills I developed at HKIS.

Have you been back to Hong Kong since leaving?
I have stayed here since 1969, except for one year – 1977 – that we spent in the US and I worked at the National Gallery, East Wing, for six months before returning to Hong Kong.

Grandparents Sandra and Richard Walters with their grandchildren
Quinn (standing) and (seated, L to R) Skylar, Kate, Bailey and Ellie

Who do you keep in touch with from your time at the school?
I see a number of my former students, such as Robert Dorfman, Peter Keller, John Shostrom, Kenneth Koo; friends of my siblings and children such as Doreen Soong, John Langford, Hans Lambardo, Andrea Wong, Melody and Jennifer Fong, John Mallaris, Jarrett Bostwich and Bimal Kapoor.

I had a wonderful time helping with the Alumni Group for the reunion and attended the 40th Reunion at HKIS in June 2007 when I reconnected with some of the previous faculty members, Nancy Kroonenberg and David Kohl. I have stayed in contact with Carol Fox, who remains one of my closest friends. We met in 1969 when Carol was a 4th grade teacher at HKIS.

In three words, describe HKIS:
Embracing, Sharing, Multi-cultural.

How can people re-connect with you?
Email: swalters@art-swc.com

What’s next for you?
More work, but balanced with more time in our apartment in Paris and with my family and fabulous HKIS grandchildren.

Source:  DragonTales Winter/Spring 2012