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Mr. Arnie Holtberg

Birthday:                     December 18
Years at HKIS:           1982-1988
What did you teach?   High School Principal
Current location:         Headmaster of St. Mark's School of Texas in Dallas

Arnie and wife Jan in front of Centennial Hall at St. Mark's School of Texas

What did you do after HKIS?
Upon returning to America, I became Head of School at the Louisville Collegiate School in Kentucky.

What are your fondest memories of HKIS?
The interesting and wonderful students, extraordinary and committed colleagues, the supportive community, and the many opportunities to grow as a professional and as a person. HKIS was a rich experience for me and for the entire Holtberg family.

What are your fondest memories of Hong Kong?
I have always referred to Hong Kong as a kaleidoscopic place. The hustle and bustle of the Territory, the best food anywhere, friends from around the world, road races, Little League baseball, softball at Tin Kwong Road, Church of All Nations, exploring every nook and cranny of the Territory, learning to speak Cantonese, and simply feeling connected to the world in a deep and satisfying way.

What is the one thing you learned during your time at HKIS that you still make use of today?
More than at any other time in my life, I found that the more I learned, the less I knew. My commitment to lifelong learning is strong!

Have you been back to Hong Kong since leaving?
The Holtbergs traveled back to Hong Kong in 1998 and spent two action-packed weeks exploring our old haunts. Jim Handrich was kind enough to allow us to stay in his flat during our holiday.

Who do you keep in touch with from your time at the school?
Don Goodyear, Nancy Kroonenberg, Sarah Todd, John and Christiana Stich and their children, Frank and  Noriko Martin, Jim and Rita Williams, Jim Handrich, Shirley Miske, Caroline Tuchardt, Dean Fritts, Richard and Claire Mueller, Ray and Donna Rothermel, Fred and Charlene Schneiter, and Debbie Gibbs-Brooks.

In three words, describe HKIS.
Brilliant, Frenetic, Challenging.

How can people re-connect with you?
Email: holtberg@smtexas.org or holtberg@sbcglobal.net

What’s next for you?
I am in my nineteenth year at St. Mark’s and will be here a bit longer. We are in the throes of completing a major fundraising campaign. Once the campaign is complete, Jan and I expect to retire to Arkansas where we own property. And the Holtberg family will travel to Hong Kong in the summer of 2012.


Source:  DragonTales  Winter/Spring Edition 2012