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HKIS Class of 1981 30-Year Reunion in Atlanta, Georgia, August 2011

Thirty alums gathered in August at the Wingate Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia for a Class of 1981 30-year reunion, hosted by Freny Bunshah Jokhi and her husband Burges.

Friday night began with Happy Hour to get everyone into the mood, before a southern barbeque buffet. Barry Michael’s fabulous rendition of ‘Billie Jean’ then signaled the beginning of the group’s ‘Dance Your Class Off’ 1970s disco evening…

On Saturday the group explored Atlanta or caught up with classmates, some of whom they hadn’t seen for more than 30 years, before the obligatory Chinese dinner on Saturday night.

So who was there? Anna Agell, Julie Anderson- Gras with her entire family, Leslie Arnold Atkinson, Freny Bunshah Jokhi, Mike “Wombat” Delapena, Mike Harshfield, Lemay Henderson, Jayce Henderson ‘85, Jim Herbein, Marcel Hoenig, Jenny Isaacs, Elaine Jordan Hoenig, Karen Karr Nimarota with her husband, Robert Ketterer, Mike Lombardo, Scott Lutz ‘83, Darryl Malonzo, Sandra Miao, Barry Michael, Paul Miller and his wife, Karl Ostheller and his family, Barbara Semken Butler and Kim Semken Brown ‘80 with their husbands, Karen Staniek-Gerhardt, Shannon Sullivan ‘82, Morgen Tilling Gillis and her husband, Sandra Torgersen Richez, Dianne Tornay and her son, Gemma Walker Fillmore, and Brad Westrick and his wife.

The group enjoyed it so much that they’re already planning a repeat performance for their 35-year reunion in 2016 – and have set their sights on Chicago. Put it in your diaries now!