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Mrs. Sarah Todd
Birthday:                       March 13
Years at HKIS:             1985 to 1992
What did you teach:    US history, American Studies, World History, 
                                      Psychology, Sociology, Economics
Current location:          St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, Texas

Sarah Todd at her current school in Austin, Texas in March 2011

 What are your fondest memories of HKIS?
Many including my years working as a dean and social studies teacher. I felt I got to know the students in many different
ways as we worked to change schedules, talked about colleges and about curriculum. Loved working with Jim Handrich and the other deans.

What are your fondest memories of Hong Kong?

Star Ferry, walking the Dragon’s Back with the Baker family, early years with the high school in Repulse Bay, tea at the Peninsula Hotel, Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware, the Man Mo Temple, walking on Hollywood Road, Honeychurch Antiques, trips to Macau, Lunar New Year holiday, Mid-Autumn Festival and on and on. Loved living in the neighborhoods of Happy Valley.

What is the one thing you learned during your time at HKIS that you still make use of today?
I learned students are our greatest resource in schools.

Have you been back to Hong Kong since leaving?
I am there very often. HKIS staff and faculty helped me start another school in Tianjin, China with HKIS veterans Charlene Schneiter, Jack MacSlarrow and Scott Rhodewalt. My husband continues to do work at HKU so I am there twice a year and often make it to HKIS to check on my beloved school.

Who do you keep in touch with from your time at the school?
I keep in touch with many people including Anna and Tom Maakestad, Denise Carver, Scott Rhodewalt, Jack MacSlarrow, Nancy Kroonenberg, Janet Taylor, Doug Baker and Family, Lesley Lewis, Beth Smith Nicholson, Jim Handrich and many former students including Rob Gvozden ’87, Henry Kim ’87, Molly Giss ’88, John Hyun ’89, Bijoy Goswami ’91, Mark Abernathy ’91, Seth Baker ’91, Darlene Lanham ’93, Kemal Arsan ’93, Catherine ’89 and Chris Puranananda, Maija Muncy, Benjy Lee and quite a few others. I have been to quite a few reunions since I left including one in Austin, Texas last summer.

In three words, describe HKIS:
Postive, Tolerant, Adaptable.

How can people re-connect with you?
Email: stodd@sstx.org

What’s next for you?
I am the Director on the International Program at my school and I love it. I also teach world history. I do a good bit of travel which is wonderful.

Source:  DragonTales  Summer Edition 2011