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Mrs. Nancy Kroonenberg 
Birthday:                          June 20
Years at HKIS:                1977-1996
What did you teach?      Middle School and High School French Teacher 
                                          Then High School Assistant Principal
Current location:             Tokyo, Japan

Nancy with Pip Simpkin, former HKIS High School faculty member, in Tauranga
New Zealand, March 2011

What did you do after HKIS?
For 15 years, I have been the High School Assistant Principal at the American School in Japan.

What are your fondest memories of HKIS?
The people - loved the students and colleagues. Great memories of 3 summer trips to France with students as well as various Interim trips, especially to the Pattaya orphanage. Former students often remind me of some fun French classes, especially when I shampooed my hair in class, dressed in pajamas or sang - which I do very poorly.

What are your fondest memories of Hong Kong?
Everything - the pace, the people, the food, the nightlife.

What is the one thing you learned during your time at HKIS that you still make use of today?
HKIS was such a formative part of my educational career. There is not one thing which I can pinpoint, but to this day, I still make reference to students and colleagues.

Have you been back to Hong Kong since leaving?
Almost every year.

Who do you keep in touch with from your time at the school?
Ken Koo ’79, Bill Bossany ’82, Pattie Bossany Gordon ’84, Robin Tierney ’84, David Wu ’86, Gia Antonellis ’96, Eric Sun ’86, Patricia Chen Sadayasu ’98, Terry and Bill Anderson, Lisa Ahnert, Kevin Baker and family, Carol and Larry Eichert, Anne Ellis, Joanne Fallon, Karen Fish, Dean Fritts, George Coombs, Jim Handrich, Jenifer Holcombe, Jane and Joel Klammer, Dave Kohl, Sandy Krist, Susan Kuyper, Lesley Lewis, Anna Maakestad, Eric MacDonald, Dan McCarthy, Shirley Miske, Gina Maltese Preciado, Ken and Karen Rohrs, Bob Scripko, Cyrus Shaoul, Rosalyn Shaoul, Pip Simpkin, Janet Taylor, Sarah Todd, Mike Wong-Russell and many more which I’ve seen at the 40th reunion, on Facebook and email.

In three words, describe HKIS:
Terrific, Life-changing, Life-long friends

How can people re-connect with you?
Email: nkroonenberg@asij.ac.jp

What’s next for you?
We are still inveterate travelers. In recent years, our travels have taken us to Albania, Moldova, Montenegro, and Slovakia, just to mention several places on our long and lovely summer journeys. In a few years, it’s retirement. We’ve dreamt of Malta, Cyprus, Portugal and France but will probably end up in Amsterdam. Would love to have visitors here or there.

Source:  DragonTales  Summer 2011