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Au Revoir, D.J. Condon

HKIS has come to the end of an era – David J. Condon has left the building. We salute the Head of School who ushered in the modern era of education to HKIS

HKIS can’t seem to let a month go by without putting another mark in the history books and June and July this year are no exception. 30th June marked the end of the three-year tenure of Head of School David J. (D.J.) Condon.

D.J. joined HKIS as Associate Head of School in 2008, the role he held for his first two years. In his final year, he served as Head of School.

D.J.’s visionary leadership of HKIS and his passionate advocacy of its Mission and Student Learning Results were remarkable. Board of Manager’s Chair Abbi DeLessio summed it up nicely at an event marking D.J.’s departure:

“It’s my honor and privilege to recognize and thank someone who exemplifies above and beyond the call of duty, the person who leads HKIS in advancing the mission and student learning results, our Head of School, D.J. Condon.

It is hard for me to comprehend that D.J. has been at HKIS for only three years; I have difficulty remembering a time when he wasn’t here. In the three years since D.J. joined our learning community, over 500 students have graduated from HKIS; over 500 young adults whose lives have been influenced and shaped by their experiences at HKIS and D.J.’s significant role in defining those experiences.

That figure of 500 students doesn’t provide the whole picture however. It does not take into account the hundreds of other students who have passed through the school over the last three years; the teachers and administrators who have been mentored and inspired by D.J. and the community members who have worked with him to support HKIS. Nor does it recognize the hundreds of other lives these people will touch as they proceed through their life’s journey. All of these people will, to some degree, be touched by HKIS and, by extension, will be impacted by the leadership that D.J. has provided as both Associate Head and Head of School. Your impact has been extensive D.J., a big pond with seemingly endless ripples.”

We said that June and July were historic months, but have only mentioned June. So, July sees the start of a new era: HKIS under the leadership of new Head of School, Kevin M. Dunning. We’ll be meeting him in more detail in the next issue of DragonTales.

Now, the limelight is fading on D.J. as he jets off from Chek Lap Kok to be Headmaster at Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan. Our loss is their gain, but we wave off D.J. with our hearty and healthy regards, knowing that he has left an indelible mark on HKIS, ushering in the modern era with the 1-to-1 laptop program and many initiatives to enhance the HKIS Mission and Student Learning Results.

Eventhough D.J. will be in Japan, it’s certainly not sayonara, but au revoir.

Source:  DragonTales Summer Edition 2011