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Class of '98 Reunion - New York (October 2008)

By Ranjan Goswami '98
The Class of 98 celebrated it’s 10th year reunion in Hong Kong and New York in August and October, respectively. Some 50 classmates attended the Hong Kong event and 70+ attended the New York one!  Many attendees were a part of the graduating class in 1998 and many had left HKIS years before senior year. Classmates traveled from Australia, Europe, China, Canada, and all over the US. The Hong Kong event  was organized by Denise Wong and the New York event by Danielle Katzap with help from several classmates in both cities (Sarika Choithramani, Queenie Mak, Natalie Fung in Hong Kong and Mary Chen and Cathy Battenfeld in New York). Almost 300 class of '98 classmates who were at HKIS sometime between Kindergarten and Grade 12 were found via social networks and everyone’s address books well before the events. And, given the fun we all had, the attendees fittingly decided that the next reunion will be in five years and not 10!


Source:  DragonTales Volume 10 Winter Edition 2008