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Dr Jane Goodall returns to HKIS

We first welcomed Jane Goodall to HKIS two years ago. This time, she came back to visit the Repulse Bay campus to share stories of growing up, working in the wild and peace Jane Goodall visited Hong Kong again on her annual pilgrimage around the world to promote peace and environmental awareness.


No shortage of questions!

Never spending more than three weeks in any one place, Dr Goodall spends as much time as possible on the road to get the message across that the environment matters. Instrumental in this is the ‘Roots and Shoots’ program, aimed at children around the world to help educate them about the environment and to generate understanding between cultures.

HKIS alum Calvin Lo was instrumental in bringing Jane Goodall to the school first time around, so this time he was an invited guest, sharing the experience with so many from the Upper Primary and beyond, as HKIS opened its doors to the wider community to share the visit from one of the most inspirational people of our time. A host of other schools from around Hong Kong were invited and attended Dr Goodall’s presentation.


There was a whole lotta hugs waiting for Dr. Jane at HKIS

Jane Goodall was appointed a ‘Messenger of Peace’ by the United Nations in 2002 and during this visit to HKIS she took time to record a video that was shown around the world, for International Peace Day on September 19, that talked about her projects that are planting seeds of global peace through ‘Roots and Shoots’.

We hope to see Dr Jane Goodall back at HKIS again in the future!


Source:  DragonTales Winter 2010/2011