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Reunion Highlights

HKIS alums organize many reunions and gatherings all around the world.  Click the picture or links below to see the types of events hosted by the Alumni Association, your Class years or by the Alumni office for the past few years.

Reunion Highlights in 2011

HKIS Alumni Decade Luncheon
Hong Kong,
January 2011

Homecoming 2011 Happy Hour
Hong Kong, January 2011

Reunion Highlights in 2010

Class of 2000 10 Year Reunion
Hong Kong, December 2010

Alumni Happy Hour
Hong Kong, October 2010

Alumni Football
Hong Kong, June 2010

Class of '90 20th Reunion

San Francisco, August 2010

Jim Handrich & Chuck Dull Reception,
Hong Kong, April 2010


Reunion Highlights in 2009

Class of '99 Reunion
Hong Kong, July 2009

Class of '99 Reunion
New York, July 2009


Reunion Highlights in 2008

Class of '98 Reunion
New York, October 2008


Nancy Kroonenberg's Thanksgiving visit 
Hong Kong, November 2008 

Class of '88 & '89 Reunion
San Francisco, August 2008

Class of '98 Reunion
Hong Kong, August 2008