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HKIS Decade Luncheon

Three days, three lunches and thirty years between them. Decade Luncheons are a hit in Hong Kong.

Earlier this year the HKIS Alumni Office and Alumni Association organized three decade luncheons for former HKIS’ers that graduated in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Three days, three luncheons and a whole load of time to catch up. All the luncheons were held at Isola Bar & Grill in Central Hong Kong and proved to be a big hit with all that came along.

As ever at HKIS Alumni events, the Alumni of various class years shared their HKIS history and fun times recalling the happy days and fun times. Can you spot your class mates?

Watch out for future activities organized by HKIS and your Alumni Association and don’t miss the next gathering!

HKIS 80's Decade Luncheon, January 12, 2011
Centre picture:  From left (top) Eric Lee '87, Pattie Bossany Gordon '84, Valerie Smith Hinsley '85, Rob Gvozden '87,
Rohini Balani Chotirmal '89, Lincoln Chan '88, Wendy Hsu '85, Janice Lee '88, Soo Young Kim '89

HKIS 90's Decade Luncheon, January 13, 2011

Centre picture: From Left - Justin Hardman '99, Spencer Chiu '93, Ingrid Wong '92, Chantal Teodorovich '92, Emily Ma Richardson '93, Milana Teodorovich '95, Linne Tsu '96, Fletcher Leung '98, Jason Shum '98, Jenn Pratt '98,
Maria Cheng '96, Anthony Ng '95, Shoumitro Goswami '93, James Martin '94

HKIS 00's Decade Luncheon, January 14, 2011

Centre picture: From Left - (Top) Gary Yung '03, Kingston Chu '03, Kelly Lo '06 (Bottom) Saurabh Agarwal '03,
Lai Bond Cheng '03, Natasha Khan '03, John Wang '03, Ashwin Makhija '02, Adnan Farooqi '02, Erin Yeh '03

Source:  Alumni Office, January 2011