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Regina (Reggie) Smith

I taught in the primary school three separate times, 1985-86, 1990-91, and 1993-95.

With Jenny Stevenson '94 in Hong Kong (March 2008)

I have been retired from teaching for 13 years. We have just left southeast Asia after 23 years, having lived in Hong Kong four times, Singapore twice and the Philippines twice. My husband, Mike, is now retired also, and we have settled in New Jersey.

Our two sons, Daniel James and Timothy Robert Smith attended HKIS 1985-86 (Singapore American School [SAS] in 1989). Dan came back to HKIS in 1990-91, and graduated SAS in 1993.

Mike and I are the proud grandparents of four wonderful kids. Tim lives in Florida now and has a boy and a girl; Dan lives in London and has two British princesses. Life is good. We hope to spend three months in Florida this winter and we know several former faculty of HKIS can be found around the state, so we plan to visit them!

I would love to hear from former students (and faculty, of course).