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Catching up with Derek Kwik '86

In 2006, HKIS alumnus and extreme athlete Derek Kwik ’86 started to pen his first motivational book: Kwik Fix. For every month thereafter, when his friends asked “when is the book going to be published”, he confidently replied, “next month”.

Derek says the running joke among his friends is that Kwik Fix is a motivational book published by an unmotivated publisher. Written in 2006; published in 2009.

"Go on, you can laugh,” he says. “I have been laughing for nearly three years, and crying.”

Despite the delay in publication, no one would consider Derek anything other than driven, focused, motivated, and an inspiration to others. What’s more, “catching up” with him would prove to be quite difficult. Why? You would have to run across six deserts, two jungles, and a mountain.

While not a professional athlete, he has logged over 7,000 kilometers in training and international competition.

Derek is the first Chinese in the world to have run across the four most extreme deserts: the Gobi Desert (highest), theAtacama Desert (driest), the Sahara Desert (hottest) and the South Pole (coldest).

Further, he balances this with a successful career in finance and motivational speaking to schools, corporations, and government and professional organizations.

People find Derek’s experiences inspiring, and he loves sharing them with others, especially children.

"I want young people to pick something they never thought they could do yesterday, and do it today. I spend my time helping others overcome their obstacles by sharing stories about how I overcame mine.”

Personal achievement aside, at the heart of each of Derek’s endurance marathons has been a cause that means much to him: the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). He has run over 1,000 kilometers raising money for SPCA and donates any profits from his speeches to the organization.

The proceeds from Kwik Fix will also go to benefit SPCA. He describes the book as “An inspirational book about Derek, Jamie (his beloved dog who passed away in 2006) and all those who have shared his life.”

"It is also a book about my epic adventures across some of the harshest and most inhospitable places on the planet.”

"It is an encapsulation of all my emotions – my highest high, my lowest low and the priceless lessons that I have learned to assimilate into my daily living within an urban concrete jungle.”

The book is available at retail outlets throughout Asia, and in North America in limited quantities. To obtain a copy you can also contact Rebecca Ngan, SPCA at rebecca.ngan@spca.org.hk. Upon receipt of a cash donation, a complimentary copy of KwikFix will be mailed to you.


Source:  DragonTales Volume 12 Winter Edition 2009